Robotics with LEGO® WeDo™

Our LEGO® WeDo™ robotics program helps students grades 2-8 develop and hone their skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This program uses fun elements that help children learn different skills. This program can be extended to include language, literacy and social science skills addition to sciences. LEGO® WeDo™ Construction kit will be used to design interactive machines with two sensors. The students will learn how to program them on the computers using the drag and drop coding software like Scratch (An open source MIT developed software for children for animation, games and storytelling). The program will give the students an opportunity to explore their creativity and let them put to practice the engineering rules that they have learnt. Robotics with LEGO® WeDo™ helps children create real life models in a simple to make way. LEGO® WeDo™ construction kit is an excellent platform to teach children engineering knowledge and skills. We use this platform to make their learning experiential.

Key Highlights

Theme Based Activities

The program provides experiential learning through a series of cross curricular and theme based activities. The categories of models created are Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Play Soccer and Adventure Stories. In the robotics program we cover 18 unique models. More than 150 elements like motor, tilt sensor, motion sensor, LEGO® USB Hub etc, are used to demonstrate every aspects of model construction.

Computer Programming

In this program, which is aligned with State and national common core standards, students will learn a basic software language that will enable them to program the models on the computer and download the program to the models. The students will experience, for the first time, how to cause the models to execute certain reactions and movements by utilizing the tilt and motion sensors.

Drag-and-Drop Programming

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