Robotics with LEGO® Technic

TEKintellect offers programs exposing students to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) by learning to construct mechanized machines using LEGO® Robotics Technic components.

Since its inception, TEKIntellect’s programs have kept the interest of students who have re-enrolled in it’s programs over and over again. Every session, the students receive a STEM lesson introducing them to the principles of Science underlying the models they are engaged in building. The students are exposed to robotics and its wonders using their engineering abilities, their imagination and creativity. This program is ideal for children who are amazed by the wonders of Robotics, enjoy creating things, love getting answers for their logical questions and experience hands on learning utilizing multi sensory experimentation.The grade group of children participating in the program is between K-8 grades. The length of each session is 45 to 90 minutes long and there are 8-20 sessions per teaching period.


Theoretical lesson with demonstration of the scientific and engineering terms being taught


Construction segment, where the students construct the model with the instructor’s assistance


Independent play time with the built models where the kids use their imagination and creativity


Ending with the model deconstruction and components organizationin the tray



Key Highlights

Teaching Models Construction

We teach children various scientific concepts with the use of different models. Centrifugal and centripetal forces are taught through the construction of models such as Laundry drum and Carousel.  Power transmission is demonstrated using pulleys with rubber bands and gears meshing. The models enhance the child’s understanding of Robotics in general and scientific principles related to the machine models in particular.

Original Models

Numerous LEGO® models are available for children to learn from. We have put a lot of efforts and thoughts behind the designing of the models that are taught during the program. More than 50 original models made from LEGO® components are included in this program. Our models include Race car, Hummer, Helicopter, Airplane, Conveyor belt, Plough, Ferris wheel, Laundry drum, Human robot and many others.


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