Private Individual & Group Sessions

TEKintellect offers private sessions to one or several students in a private setting conducted at students’ homes or at a rented space. Such programs are also available to schools that offer activity programs to students during school vacations. Tailor made sessions accommodate your students’ needs. We conduct one-time special events or short term several days’ programs. LEGO® Robotics enthusiasts will enjoy a fun-filled, STEM educational experience. Our programs feature LEGO® Technic mechanized models, LEGO® Wedo programmable models, Mindstorms® EV3 programmable robots, programmable mBots and Scratch.

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Learning STEM principles using LEGO® Technic components to construct awesome remote controlled mechanized models.
Utilizing LEGO® WeDo to build, program, and apply concepts while learning basic software to activate the machines and their sensors.
Working with LEGO® Mindstorms® with EV3 robots with color, light, voice, sound, GPS sensors.
Hands-on, building, and programming unique robots to intelligently navigate through an environment and perform tasks.





Awesome mechanized LEGO® models, infra red remote controlled, come to life in front of the students eyes, by following step by step instruction cards and tablets, allowing the students to complete the models; then proceed to play. Using their creativity and imagination add components to the models, ending up with new personalized models. Some students elect to be creative from the start and build their own imaginative models.


After School Programs

TEKintellect conducts after school programs in multiple private and public New York area schools. The private schools are considered among the best in the city where parents per year to send...

In School Programs (Common Core Aligned)

TEKintellect offers cross-curricular learning through its LEGO® WeDo program. Few tools generate as much excitement in the classroom as those that enable students to truly take charge of their own...

Birthday Parties

TEKintellect Rocking LEGO® Robotics Birthday parties are affordable and full of fun. The kids and parents just love them. TEKintellect Team of instructors with a 1:5 ratio of instructors to kids…

Private Sessions

TEKintellect offers private lessons at peoples homes for special events such as holiday vacations or regular Mindstorms® sessions. The organizers who contract with TEKintellect, invite their kids friends...

Summer Camps

TEKintellect conducts after school programs in multiple private and public New York area schools. The private schools are considered among the best in the city where parents per year to send their...

Corporate Events

Many large corporations seek to plan activities for their devoted employees and their families. TEKintellects’ corporate events are a perfect content for such events which allow the whole family to...

Hospital Activities

People who are hospital bound get bored and seek activities that would keep them busy and engaged and intellectually stimulated. Nursing home bound grandmother said that every ten years…

STEM Professional Development

LEGO® Minstorms® (NXT & EV3) and WeDo are excellent tools for teaching STEM education in Afterschool and in school settings. TEKintellect’s Professional Development programs prepare...


We provides organized, turnkey, ready-to-teach
quality education kits for participating students.


Our instructors come prepared with a complete
portable teaching kit which includes:

• Instructor’s manual.
• Lesson plans for multiple original LEGO® designs.
• Enclosed components trays.
• Numerous mechanised LEGO® models.


Theoretical lesson with demonstration of the scientific and engineering terms being taught


Construction segment, where the students construct the model with the instructor’s assistance


Independent play time with the built models where the kids use their imagination and creativity


Ending with the model deconstruction and components organizationin the tray


SCRATCH is an open end software developed by MIT Media Lab. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century. With SCRATCH students learn how to Create stories, games, and animations and share with others around the world.


Developing analytical skills of engineering processes

Developing leadership skills
in team projects

Improving language skills by learning new science vocabulary

Learning methodology &
improving organizational skills

Enticing the use of creativity, imagination & spatial orientation

Increasing focus &
concentration abilities

Learning new science concepts, principles & applying them

Experiencing teamwork, socialization skills & mutual respect

HI, I’M mBot!

mBot programmable robot enable students in grades 2– 8 an additional enriching way to experience learning with robots.


mBot gives an opportunity to students to practically experience programming, electronics and robotics. The robot is built from 38 easy to assemble parts that can be used by students to create their own robot. mBot helps students learn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in an interactive and a fun filled way. They will learn how to use the mBot to create stories and  various games which will help them interact with the physical world.



Tsvi Katsir

Founder & CEO

Tsvi Katsir

Founder & CEO

Tsvi is an experienced educator, with background in various industries such as education, banking and small companies investment banking. He previously founded and operated a successful math tutoring company in Miami Shores, Florida. For the past 10 years Tsvi has focused his attention and business acumen on the education field introducing innovative teaching techniques to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) education. Tsvi holds a BA degree in Economics and Psychology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as a MBA in Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia. He is an ex-Israeli Defence Forces Officer and trainer, a father of Alon, Lisa and grandfather of Ezra & Eli.


Guy Klein


Guy Klein

Director of Operations

Guy holds a MBA degree in Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship and a BA degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications. He specializes in digital media marketing, social networks and technology management. Prior to joining TEKintellect, Guy was a Digital Division manager at Profit Marketing Inc., a leading Israeli marketing company. He managed promotional projects for national clients such as The Israeli Lottery (Mif’al Hapa’is), Israel Railways, Bank Leumi, and one of Israel’s major supermarkets groups. He is currently the company Director of Operations, in charge of marketing, technology & business development.


Albert Davis

Robotics & Global Program Development

Albert (Al) Davis 

Robotics & Global Program Development

Al is a Civil Engineer who has developed many software applications to support transportation engineering. Al received a Mathematics degree from Fordham University and Master of Science in Construction Engineering from Columbia University.  He pioneered a LEGO® Robotics program for disadvantaged youth in NYC. Al is a member of the NYC FIRST LEGO® League (FLL) Robotics Tournaments Planning Committee and served as the president of the Bronx FLL tournament. Al leads the Robotics and Global Program Development Division of TEKintellect. He is currently teaching robotics courses in Haiti. Al has two children, Gabrielle and Albert and recently became a grandfather to Lainey.