Gaming & Animations Coding With Scratch

TEKintellect brings an exclusive program in Scratch Coding for the children in the grades of 2nd- 8th.

Scratch is used by children to program their creatively designed interactive stories, games and animations. Children can share their creations made by Scratch with others in the online community. Scratch is a programming language that helps children to widen their horizons by enhancing their creative thinking. Children learn to work collaboratively and reason systematically with the help of this programming language. Scratch is used in many programs that teach children robotics, technology and engineering. After learning Scratch children can participate in the online community for Scratch which will enhance their learning and creativity. This will also help them in learning from the experiences of others. Scratch can be considered as students first steps in the advanced world of computer programming. With this,students can acclimate themselves to the digital environment in a better way. This program aims to pave a path for them towards advanced coding.


Key Highlights

Learning Strategies

In this program the children will be using their creativity and imagination in original story writing and game creation, learning multiple strategies for problem solving, designing projects and communicating and expressing ideas. These strategies are not only helpful in their computer education but will also help in developing their personality. In this program TEKintellect will cover the use of Scratch in multiple disciplines.

Experienced Instructors

We all know that the role of the educator, in any learning process,is indispensable. This program is facilitated by experienced software instructors. Computer science, Engineering and other sciences university students from prestigious universities such as NYU Tandon school of Engineering and City College Grove School of Engineering. They will share their insights and experience with the students.

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