TEKintellect Robotix Workshops™, deliver after school programs,
Lego® Robotics Summer camps, birthday parties,
special events and Common Core Standards based curriculum
for in school STEM lessons for students K through 8th grades.‏

This filmed session demonstrates the scientific concepts the students are learning and remembering, their enthusiastic participation, their teamwork, the use of imagination and creativity and the overall fun, the kids are experiencing.


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We are the TEKintellect team of dedicated professionals, whose goal is to deliver STEM education to kids of all backgrounds. 

“The BEST education and learning occur when theoretical teaching is incorporated with hands-on experimentation and multi- sensory utilization, in a fun and entertaining environment” Tsvi Katsir, Founder


TEKintellect Robotix Workshops deliver fun after school activities, summer day camps, in-School Common Core Standards curriculum lessons in a supportive environment for kids in grades K-8. Our students learn to design and construct original, mechanized models from Lego® components. They receive a science lesson describing the scientific principles embedded in the models, and then proceed quickly to a fun, hands-on, multi-sensory experience, in which they construct the models and play with them, applying teamwork, creativity and imagination. Carousels, cranes, dune buggies, conveyor belts, windmills and more will come to life in the students hands, through their own effort and ingenuity!





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our educational goals!

ScienceIconLearning new science concepts, principles & applying them

EngineeringIconDeveloping analytical skills of engineering processes

LanguageIconImproving language skills by learning new science vocabulary

CreativityIconEnticing the use of creativity, imagination & spatial orientation

TeamworkIconExperiencing teamwork, socialization skills & mutual respect

leadershipIconDeveloping leadership skills in team projects

MethodologyIconLearning methodology & improving organizational skills

FocusIconIncreasing focus & concentration abilities


TEKintellect provides organized, turnkey,
ready-to-teach quality education kits for
instructors of up to 20 students per session.

Our instructors come prepared with a complete portable
teaching kit which includes:
• Instructor’s manual.
• Lesson plans for multiple original Lego® designs.
• Enclosed components trays.
• Numerous mechanised Lego® models.






Our sessions are being offered in multiple venues:
• After school programs
• Summer camps
• At schools as part of the STEM day curriculum
• Community centers
• Universities, daycare centers and nursing homes
• Corporations families fun days and charity events
• Homes and hospital birthdays
• Hospital activities for kids

Our Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and Include:

Theoretical lesson with demonstration of the scientific and engineering terms being taught

Theoretical lesson with
demonstration of the
scientific and engineering
terms being taught

Practical construction segment, where the students construct the model with the instructor’s assistance

Practical construction
where the students
the model with the
instructor’s assistance

Independent play time with the built models where the kids use their imagination and creativity

Independent play time
with the built models
where the kids use their
imagination and creativity

Ending with the model deconstruction and components organisation in the tray

Ending with the model
deconstruction and
components organization
in the tray


When the kids learn why something works, we see them often designing their own improvements using their imagination and creativity.
- Michael Montalbano, Instructor

The Lego® Robotics program encourages creativity and teamwork in a collaborative learning environment.
- Michael Delfino, Instructor
I highly recommend TEKintellect for your school program, It is a wonderful way for children to learn and have fun at the same time. - School Coordinator

My daughter is having so much
fun and she tells me about
the scientific concepts you
discuss with the kids.

- Parent

This is the best
after school program ever.
- Student




Tsvi Katsir

CEO & Founder


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Tsvi is an experienced educator, with background in various industries such as education, banking and small companies investment banking. He previously founded and operated a successful math tutoring company in Miami Shores, Florida. For the past 10 years Tsvi has focused his attention and business acumen on the education field introducing innovative teaching techniques to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) education. Tsvi holds a BA degree in Economics and Psychology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as an MBA in Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia. He is an ex-Israeli Defence Forces Officer and trainer, a father of Alon, Lisa and grandfather of Ezra & Eli.



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